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Music is a vehicle for self-expression, motivation, inspiration and a path to a healthy mental wellbeing, therefore at Turnham Academy we understand that music plays a vital role in a child’s life. Our aim is to provide a framework based on the National Curriculum to ensure that all pupils be taught to sing, create and compose music, have opportunities to perform, listen, review and evaluate, and to develop their musical skills, knowledge and understanding.

With the support of the external provider Rhythm Connections, we aim to help children to sing and use their voices, create and compose music, have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, use technology appropriately and have the opportunity to progress to the next level in musical excellence. We aim to give children a greater awareness of the range of music and musical activities through events within and outside of school in order for them to leave primary school with a well rounded musical education.


Subject Documents Date  
Music Curriculum Map 01st Sep 2023 Download
Music Curriculum Overview 01st Sep 2023 Download