Pastoral Care

At Turnham Academy we believe that every child has the right to learn within a happy, supportive and safe environment.

We aim to instil in our pupils self-confidence, belief and a passion for their education. We believe this is important for all. Regardless of their abilities, we support our students to develop their potential through nurturing their natural desire to learn and be successful. As part of our school it is important that all children develop a sense of community, and have empathy and respect for people from all backgrounds.

At Turnham Academy, oversight of the pastoral support of our pupils is provided by the Pastoral Lead and SENDCo. They, along with the rest of the SLT, meet weekly to discuss any challenges or areas for further support within the school. The Pastoral Lead regularly meets with parents to discuss any concerns or challenges they are facing with children inside or outside of school.

The Pastoral Lead support students by meeting with them on a one-to-one, or small group basis. They also regularly meet with class teachers to develop effective strategies to support children to thrive within the classroom, and to support teachers and pupils to develop effective strategies to manage behaviour.

Mr A Alexander-Omoh is Turnham Academy's Pastoral Lead and Senior Mental Health Lead.