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Curriculum Overview

At Turnham Academy, everything we do is founded on a belief that every moment a child is in school is precious. Everything we do is ‘on purpose’.

We aim to create a nurturing school community where our children’s learning experiences are varied and inclusive; ensuring the highest standards of learning, where all children reach their full potential whilst being inspired to continue learning in the future.  We teach with inclusion, diversity and equality at the centre of all our curriculum decisions, with the focus on creating a balanced view of the world and reflecting our community. Our key drivers are collaboration, curiosity and communication and these drivers underpin our curriculum rationale. The following outlines the key drivers and how they affect our decision making at Turnham Academy.

Driver What does this look like? Why is it important for our children?
  • Learning in teams
  • 5 behaviours for learning
  • Developing independence and confidence
We want our children to appreciate the value of working as a team and the power in drawing on other’s ideas, opinions and knowledge. Our children will be equipped with the social-skills to enable them to work cooperatively with those around them.
  • Development of Sports and the Arts opportunities throughout our curriculum
  • Community events &
  • engagement
  • Exciting and engaging Learning Environments including our Forest School Provision
  • Educational visits, visitors & opportunities
We want our children to be passionate lifelong learners with a thirst for finding out more. Our children are encouraged to lead their learning; to ponder, to dream, to discover and to ask questions. We seek to excite, enthuse and engage our children through carefully-crafted learning opportunities experiences and educational visits. We believe that our children can make a positive impact on the community, their country and their world and therefore we will encourage them to ask the big questions: ‘Why is this happening? What can I do about? How can it be done?’ and give them the opportunity to put this into practise.
  • Pupil voice
  • Strong emphasis on language development
  • Use of sentence stems
  • Writing for purpose
  • P4C
We seek to equip our children with the tools to be effective communicators who present themselves with the confidence that they have a voice worth listening to. We value pupil voice and actively encourage our children in their right to be heard.