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“The important thing is to never stop questioning.” Albert Einstein

“I am among those who think that science has great beauty.” Marie Curie

At Turnham Academy, we have a rich, enquiry filled science curriculum. It has been designed to give our children access to the knowledge which has enabled discoveries and helped develop science which has changed the way we live, think about and understand the world around us.

The underlining principle guiding our science curriculum is to encourage children’s curiosity about the world, which begins in the early years. This curiosity is deepened into more sophisticated forms of enquiry throughout Key Stage One and Two. Throughout their time at Turnham, lines of scientific enquiry are explored and nurtured. This enables us to enhance our children’s knowledge and understanding of the key theories that underpin Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The pupils progress through the curriculum, building on prior learning. It is our intention that, by the end of Year 6, all children will have a solid foundational knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, which will stand them in good stead to continue building their scientific understanding of the world as they move on to their secondary education.

We want to ensure that our children understand the fundamentals of science and the reasons behind the scientific process - this includes how to follow the different lines of enquiry effectively. By developing their understanding of these principles, we are providing our children with the knowledge and skills necessary to explore and test more complex scientific theories at secondary school and beyond.


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Science Curriculum Map 01st Sep 2023 Download